What moms say

...about the idea

'My experiences at the Baby Café over the first few months of my daughter's life were great - the cafe staff was amazing! I still talk about the Baby Café to any new mom or soon-to-be mom that will listen. My daughter is going to be 1 year next month and she's still breastfeeding like a champion ever since the Baby Café staff discovered her tongue and lip ties and we had them corrected. She's been in the 75th percentile in weight since she was 6 months old. She was in the 5th percentile when we came to our first Baby Café meeting when she was only 7 weeks. I'm glad we continued to attend Baby Café after her nursing improved so we could share our positive experience with other moms. I love breastfeeding. I love babywearing. I loveBaby Café! I just wanted to say thank you again. You do great things for mothers. Looking forward to coming to Baby Café again when my daughter has a brother or sister someday.' 

'Good place to meet other moms with similar problems'
'Somewhere to breastfeed with other moms to talk to'
'Can talk to people and still breastfeed baby without feeling embarrassed'


...about the place

'Calm and relaxed atmosphere'
'Friendly atmosphere, relaxed, informal. Liked the coffee!'
'Lovely relaxed atmosphere. Friendly volunteers who were very considerate to children and babies'


...about the information and help

'Friendly, non-intimidating advice'
'Reassurance...Very, very reassuring and helpful'
'Very friendly, useful advice. Lots of brilliant, practical, supportive advice. Invaluable advice that seems to be difficult to get anywhere else'
'Fantastic advice (rather than a quick chat at 'weigh-ins') from very informed people'
'Thank you so much for your quite remarkable help when I was struggling to feed my third child. The Baby Café is a quite extraordinary oasis of calm, patience and superb advice - not to mention tea, cake and pillows. I really didn't think I was going to be able to feed successfully this time and it couldn't now be going better.'



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