Setting up a Baby Café

The Baby Café model works in many settings and is flexible enough to accommodate different community profiles. 

With support resources and a proven model to follow, the process of  setting up and running a Baby Café can be straightforward and time-efficient for staff involved.

Why choose the Baby Café model?

Why Collective Impact works

What benefits you receive from your Baby Café License

All Baby Café sites are:

  • Licensed by Baby Cafe USA and listed on this website 
    • Any other site purporting to be a Baby Café is using the name without our authorization. 
  • Permitted to use the trademarked logo and branding
  • Fully funded
  • Staffed by skilled facilitators
  • Encouraged to establish links with local health care providers
  • Free to all mothers needing support with breastfeeding

Steps to set up a Baby Cafe:

  1. Fill out application- Once we get the application, it can be approved that day if all components are in place. Note: You must be familiar with our policies before completing your application
  2. Be approved by BCUSA
  3. BCUSA sends an invoice for licensing and the License Agreement
  4. Applicant sets up webinar training date 
  5. BCUSA sends password for the website resource bank and Logo use

Before the Cafe can open:

  1. The invoice is paid (it can be electronic deposit)
  2. The License Agreement signed and returned to us 
  3. The License certificate, and the Toolkit booklet have been received by applicant
  4. The staff have received the webinar training.

Now you can open the Cafe and it goes live on the website. 

The grand opening is usually held sometime in the next few months, after the Cafe has mothers and babies attending so they can be part of the celebration.


  1. Staffing Guidelines
  2. Guidelines for the use of volunteers in staffing a Baby Café
  3. Comparison of various Breastfeeding Professionals/Counselors: 
  4. Fees
    • Licensing/Registration fee $400
      • This is payable on approval of your application. This initial registration fee covers:
        • Use of the Baby Café name, logo and branding.
        • First year of licensing.
        • The Baby Café Toolkit, which provides guidelines for delivering all aspects of the service.
        • Access to the Resource Bank – a password-protected area of the website containing resources/templates and reports for your use.
    • Training fee $350–$750 
      • There is a US training module to be delivered before the official launch of your Baby Café, to ensure all those involved in delivering the service are aware of the key objectives and ways of working that are central to the Baby Café model. Depending on the type of module, (in person or by web) the fee for the training ranges from $350 to $750 (the lesser amount for a webinar, the greater for an in-person training with site-visit included), this will be arranged between BC USA and the facilitator once the application has been approved.
    • Annual Renewal fee (currently $150)
      • This is also due your first anniversary, and on April 15th of subsequent years. This will enable you to continue to receive the benefits of being part of the growing Baby Café network. 
  5. Additional costs
    • Registration, training and renewal fees do not cover day-to-day  running costs for your service such as venue rental, facilitator fees, refreshments, publicity and so on. You will need include a suitable amount in your budget to cover such costs.


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If you are interested in setting up a Baby Café, please click here to register your interest and access our online application process.