If you can't get to a local Baby Café, or you
need immediate breastfeeding information or alternative
sources of support, check out the links below.


  • La Leche League USALa Leche League USA is part of an international charity with a network of volunteer breastfeeding counsellors who support mothers by telephone and e-mail, and also run informal support meetings.  The website lets you find your nearest counsellor or group or you can call their breastfeeding helpline or submit an online help form. LLL also publishes books and leaflets for mothers and health professionals.

    Helpline number:
     1-877-452-5324 (1-877-4 LA LECHE)
    Breastfeeding FAQs



  • Lactation Consultants are health professionals holding the internationally recognised lactation qualification (IBCLC).
    They work in a variety of settings, including Baby Cafés where mothers will not be charged a fee. Hospital-based lactation consultants often run out-patient clinics or mothers' meetings for continued support. Lactation consultants in private practice may work from home or in an office; lactation consultants in private practice will charge for their time but are usually willing to visit you at home and offer ongoing support. Some lactation consultants may also be trained to assess and divide tongue-ties. 

    Find a qualified Lactation Consultant anywhere in the world